Vetkids Goldfish sharing coats with cold New Yorkers

As the calendar turned to September and Autumn's cool breezes became a natural springboard for circle time talks on weather changes and the need for more layers of warm clothing, Vets Kids for Kids "Sharing Coats With Cold New Yorkers" was born! We were aware of a neighborhood where coats would be given away during a Coat Share in mid-October to men, women, and children who will appreciate the warmth of being wrapped in coats that are gently used and given with a true spirit of generosity! Our preschoolers connected to the enthusiasm from the start when they dressed "Weather Jim" for the cooler temperatures and saw that he has 3 coats and decided he should give 2 away and put them in the coat share box! One child decided "My coat that doesn't fit anymore can go to my friend" and another child's Mom reports that after helping to make the Coat Share poster, "Her son went home and started pulling his coats off of hangers to give away!" So as our Share Box has become more and more filled in the last few weeks with warm and colorful jackets and coats, the Goldfish Class gathered around the box touching the coats and telling which were their favorite colors to share! So there we have it ...............generosity lives in the hearts of our children!

 Janine McMorrow