Veterans Yoga Project at VetsKids

VetsKids raised over $900 for the Veterans Yoga Project with a bake sale!!

Dear Yaelle,

Thank you for your donation of 965.00 on 12/14/2018.

It's moments like this, when community members come together to take action, that proves our power to create change. 

You are helping us in making a difference in the lives of the veterans and their families that we serve in supporting us offering over 100 free weekly yoga classes across the USA. 

Recently, one veteran shared his experience after participating in a Mindful Resilience yoga class. "I found many things that have helped me. However, these yoga classes for veterans have helped me more than anything else."

Your gift will be put to work immediately, making a real difference. Thank you!

With Blessings,

Deb Jeannette

VYP Gratitude Team


All About Us Book shared with our friends at Mainsprings, Tanzania.

The children at BSC have shared their All About Us Book with their friends at Mainsprings, a school in Tanzania which is part of Janada L. Batchelor Foundation for Children.  The two schools, along with Imagine at Courtyard Kids, have enjoyed being being part of the Kids for Kids, Pen Pal Program for the last three years.  The children at Mainsprings will send their book in a few months.   


Kids for Kids February FUN-Raising Bazaar at Dumbo was a huge success!!

Our Kids for Kids Bazaar was a great success! The children in every classroom worked so hard to create one of a kind pieces...paintings, calendars and bracelets. Donations made to purchase these items helped us to raise over $500 for Mobjap, a school in Kenya that is working to rebuild. Thank you thank you thank you teachers, children and parents! You are all so appreciated! 💜


Fire at Mobjap!

This past December, Mobjap had a fire that destroyed the school.  No one was hurt but everything was lost.  It is estimated that rebuilding and resupplying the school for the 300 children who attend will cost $87,000.  While we have only been involved with Mobjap and Bernard Asanya, the Director, a short time, we are impressed with his dedication, intelligence and love for the children.   Bernard is a great supporter of PPP and we are committed to helping him get Mobjap up and running again. We are focusing our February Kids for Kids FUN-raiser on supporting Mobjap.


Bernard with the children before the fire.