Imagine teachers have always used a curriculum that nurtures each child’s natural tendency for compassion and respects the world's common resources and environment.  Within the curriculum, we developed Imagine Kids for Kids a 501(c) (3) organization, in 2006. Imagine Kids for Kids has activities for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.  Part of the curriculum revolves around a Pen Pal Program (PPP) that explores and celebrates the similarities and differences of children around the world. Additionally, the children and teachers engage in FUN-raising activities that build relationships and support other early childhood programs in need.

We do all this, while having fun and learning together.


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CURRICULUM: As a team, Imagine teachers and directors have developed a curriculum rich with multicultural activities, with a focus on teaching compassion.

PEN PALS: Kids for Kids creates opportunities to develop cross cultural, interactive friendships with children in other parts of the United States and the world. 

FUN-raisers: Much of our funding comes from FUN-raisers, planned and carried out by teachers and children. 

our Financial commitment in 2018-19

  • Continue support to DFC for seven teachers, a director, cook and a daily meal program for 200 children.

  • Fund annual salary of one teacher at FAFU, Nairobi, Kenya.

  • Fund annual salary of one teacher at Garden of Hope, Nairobi, Kenya.