Helping Haiti

The children and teachers have been busy "FUNraising" for Haiti.  There have been bake sales and penny jars.  Everyone is talking and discussing how we can help.  Parents have been supportive and excellent consumers at the children's stores.  Several wrote emails about the events of the past few days.

Words can't express how it warms my heart to hear Victor talking about how we are trying to help the people that live in Haiti. A commercial came on this morning for the Red Cross and he heard "Haiti" and went on and on explaining to me his version of what happened there. It was so innocent and although he doesn't understand everything the one thing he couldn't stop talking about was that we are helping them!!!!

I actually knew you talked about the earthquake because when we went to Ikea this weekend my son insisted that there had been an earthquake there :) And he re-enacted how his teachers had explained to him what an earthquake was and that people got hurt.  His explanations were very insightful and I was happy with how you approached it (even though he did confuse Ikea and Haiti)

Linda Chokroverty, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics, Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University a parent at Imagine wrote, It's never too early to learn about helping others during a time of great need.

We are very thankful for our parents support and for what we were able to accomplish.  Our helpful children and teachers raised over $4000 for the people of Haiti....and we are still thinking of other ways to help.  One Imagineer, Lev was talking about "building Haiti" and buying Pizza yesterday to help. So the efforts made a strong impression on him, indeed.

The money raised will go to Partners in Health to help with rebuilding Haiti.