As a team, Imagine teachers and directors have developed a curriculum rich with multicultural activities, and a focus on teaching compassion. Within the curriculum we develop pen pal relationships in the United States and globally, building bridges between contrasting cultures. Planning "FUN-raisers" supports the curriculums world view.  We are able to donate the funds we raise to support our sister programs. Children are empowered because they know they can make a difference.  "We can help!"

We are living in a world that is super connected by family, media, books, food, languages and friends.  Some classrooms are made up of children who come from a myriad of countries and cultures, speak different languages and eat a variety of foods.  Some classrooms are more homogenous. Whatever the population, as educators, we have an obligation to offer curriculums that reflect the world in which we live. The Kids for Kids curriculum focuses on diversity and brings multiculturalism into the classroom.  Through the Pen Pal Program (PPP) children are given the tools to understand and embrace the world around them, to listen to others, to imagine, feel and to question the similarities and differences of all people.  The goal is to graduate children who are caring, involved global citizens, who share easily, support one another and act when necessary. 

The curriculum is adaptable for all ages starting with infants.  There is an environmental component that includes recycling activities and information about our world's limited natural resources.